Walkurdog is a locally, independently owned company and operated by me, Douglas. (with help from my dog loving other half, Sarah).

Walkurdog, as the name suggests, is a dog walking business with specialised transport to collect and dropoff your 4 legged friends.

We provide 3 walks per day at the following times. 

Early Morning-7am till 10am

Mid Morning 10am till 12noon

Early Afternoon 12noon till 2pm

 Usually your dog will be in a group of 4-6, socailised well mannered and obedient dogs. A small enough group for each dog to get enough attention but big enough for socialising and playing.

Here at Walkurdog we provide a fully inclusive service which includes collecting your dog with specialised transport, taking your dog to a countryside location, walking and exercising your dog for 45mins to 1 hour, then returning them home. This will allow your dog to have a toilet break, get plenty of exercise, socialise with other dogs and have a great adventure.

There are a huge number of counrtyside walks right on our doorstep, Your dog/s will always be taken somewhere safe and with plenty of space to exercise, throw a ball and for toilet breaks.

Pick up and drop off times will vary depending on routes walked and locations of other pick ups and drop offs.

Alternatively, should your dog/s not need walked I also provide pet visits.

A pet visit is visiting your own home to allow your pet to get outside to do the toilet and get some exercise. This could be a small walk down the road or just in your back garden throwing a ball. These vistis are around 10-15 mins. These visits are great for puppies and elderly dogs.

I strive to provide reliability, trust and professionalism because I know only too well that your dog is a loved and cared for family member. I’ve lived with dogs my whole life and I know how affectionate and loyal companions they can be. They want nothing more than to be looked after, cared for and to have fun, all of which is guaranteed by Walkurdog!